Supporting Gala Phoenix and Curio Skins

It has come to Tricky and the Belleza team staff ‘s attention that there have been accusations which involve Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins.   We don’t usually speak up publicly when these situations arise, however in this instance Tricky would like to extend his support for Gala.

We stand behind her, and hope the rest of the community will support her as well during this difficult time.

Tricky Boucher & The Belleza Staff

16 thoughts on “Supporting Gala Phoenix and Curio Skins

  1. Siobhin says:

    It’s good to see that another skin maker who is honest and above board supporting another skin maker who is also honest and above board. Love both your skins.

  2. elysium eilde says:

    Thank you for coming out in public support of Gala. As a long time reputable skin creator, it means a lot that you believe in her.
    <3 ely

  3. Kanashi Yuhara says:

    We are all supporting you Gala. A lot of people are outraged by this. We know you and know your work, and we are all missing you all ready. We are hopping to justice be made soon and we have you back ASAP

  4. Lyric Demina says:

    Belleza is honorable and awesome for this poster. I have long been a fan of Belleza and Tricky Boucher. I have also long been a fan of Curio. I will now use Belleza and Curio skins exclusively on all of my future work; I think both brands are run by superior craftspeople and it is a pleasure to do business with both brands — talk about value for the buck! Value AND principles. It makes a difference when giving hard-earned money to artisans who are principled.

  5. Ivy says:

    As an fine artist/pinup artist in RL – (and after researching and then examining both the skins from different creators) I applaud you guys for standing by Gala. It’s a shame and travesty when work of lesser quality is (possibly) plagiarized and then condemned. It seems so unfair. I hope Gala is back soon as her skins are phenomenal and one of the first I purchased next to you guys in SL. She has been around ages as well. Not that my opinion should matter, but I’m a shrewd judge of artwork, and while the other creator has quality skins, my personal opinion is Gala is extremely detailed and has a realism in her work that is seldom seen anywhere in SL, aside from you guys and League – she is extremely talented and stands out among the crowd for such a distinct style.

    Thanks again for your post –


  6. Ivy says:

    Correction in context:: It’s a shame and travesty when work of lesser quality is (possibly) plagiarizing and then condemning.

    Having said that – I am boycotting Hush.

  7. Kittynes Hendrassen says:

    I don’t even get how this happened…how could someone accuse Gala and be taken seriously? She’s probably one of the most plagiarized skin makers in SL….its like tragic misunderstanding.

  8. Hazelee Haller says:

    The first skin I bought in SL, in 2007, was a Gala Phoenix skin. I spent months in my noob skin, searching for the perfect skin. I found it in the Earth skins by Gala.

    Five and a half years later, I am still wearing a skin by Gala as my skin of choice. The realism in body details is unsurpassed by any other.

    When I take off my clothing, I will be wearing a Gala Phoenix skin, or I will never take off my clothing.

    Come back soon, Gala Phoenix.

  9. tigerlily says:

    seems Hush skins Curio and Belleza are still members of the skin addictions group which is a very well known skin promotion group in sl, I guess nothing was proven at all about this and its all rumours. I won’t be boycotting hush skins. I think they are beautiful skins along with curio and belleza skins also =)

  10. Ivy says:

    Curio was not at the skin addiction event held recently, is not to my knowledge a member of the group. Her shop is not available either, you cannot TP to it. Hush used to be Vixen skins and the skins she made prior to being Hush were horrid. As an artist, you generally don’t see someone’s style change that fast, to the level that Hush skins has presently. Hush skins may be nice, but so what. I could be wrong but it seems like she did take someone’s template and style, and in the past she did have an issue with someone accusing her of stealing their hair, which she pulled off the shelf very quickly. I wonder why (?)

    Just sayin’. If I am wrong, so be it, I stand corrected. My support is still for Gala either way.

  11. svetlana says:

    I heard about Gala phoenix since my born at second life (5 years ago).. Hush¿¿¿??? Who know Hush??? it doesn’t exist! >.>

  12. Etana Vella says:

    League has also filed against Hush. Hush’s sim is closed, and their skins now gone from marketplace as well. From what we hear, she countered that DMCA, with the words, “Sue me.” On it.

  13. Sopherian says:

    I feel so bad for Gala Phoenix…
    First having to deal with copybotters and now this?
    Whats wrong with some people seriously… 🙁
    i hope curio will be back soon!

  14. molly Maidstone says:

    I started SL in 06, when I was ready to buy a skin, the skin was Gala’s. She was very friendly, and made up a custom fat pack for me. I was a fashion photographerreporter at the time, and I gladly paid for the skins and wore them proudly. I stand by Gala and still wear her skins.

  15. Serenity says:

    I have always been a fan of curio skins they are my favs from now until the end of time. However I have seen the work from HUSH it is no where near the same quality as that of Curio. And as for the last comment that says HUSH was closed down they are wrong its still there. Curio is the one that closed down and I want them to be back asap.

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