Belleza Mesh Body Update – 6.25.15

I’ve come to tease you all with exciting news!

THIS weekend the update will be released for the Belleza Mesh Body – Venus.  We know our customers have patiently awaited the update and Tricky and the rest of the team are so excited to share the news.

Since many already know what will be included with this update I thought I would spend some time going over these things while you wait.  Here is a list of some of the major updates/changes you can expect to see this weekend:

  • New Mesh Body Shape – Isis

  • New Mesh Body Shape – Freya

  • New skin texture

  • Skin color picker

  • Skin effects/materials

  • Many additional alpha cuts

  • Alpha save slots

  • Alpha Auto-Hide Option for Creators to add onto their clothing
  • New neck sizing with improved neck sheath

  • Additional breast option

  • Blend/mask mode for clothing appliers

  • Socks/gloves on all body layers

  • Clothing layer with alpha cuts

  • Texture refresh options

  • Hands/feet SL UVS

  • New nail shape

So what does it mean when we say new mesh shapes?  Tricky has worked on a new mesh body – Isis which has a different texture on it and is shaped slightly differently than the Venus.  In addition to Isis there will also be Freya who is similar to Isis just in a more voluptuous curvy shape.

*Please Note: Venus will still be included with this update, so anyone who prefers this body type you can still use it with the HUD update.

Just so you can see first hand all of the changes that have been worked on with the HUD below are some screenshots of what the new version includes.


When the update is ready to be sent it will automatically be delivered to customers who have previously purchased the product.  If by some chance you miss your delivery you can visit the Belleza store and click “REDELIVERY” on our INFO board located in the main customer service area.

We will be sure to update the blog, inworld groups as well as all social media sites when the update goes out, in the meantime – get excited!  =)

26 thoughts on “Belleza Mesh Body Update – 6.25.15

  1. MG Canonmill says:

    Great news for the ladies…same sad news for the guys. Still no Belleza Fitted Mesh Bodies for us. *sighs*

  2. Lumiya Rae says:

    Thank you for changing the hands and feet to use SLUV 😀 As a skin creator, this means so much as a lot of my customers love your body but wanted to wear your hands and feet. I am thrilled I will be able to say to them that this is now possible.

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