Below you will find some answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Belleza Fitted Mesh Body.


Will there be free updates?


When an updated version is available you will receive the updates free of charge.


I am a mesh creator and I want to work with your 3D files, how can I do that?


You will have to fill out our application and "sign" our agreement.  Once we have reviewed your application Felicity Blumenthal will email you if you are approved.  You can apply here: Belleza Mesh Body Creator Application & Agreement


Is the body compatible with Slink?


When you purchase the mesh body you will receive 2 versions.  One with our own hands and feet that are attached to the main body. The other version is a body with no hands and feet that you can wear your slink hands and feet attachments with.


Using the Belleza version will be most favorable for WL settings as the body is all one piece and you will not see seams with different lighting settings as you might using the Slink attachments.  So please keep that in mind when wearing the product.


With your purchase you will receive a shape that matches the slink hands perfectly, you will also get a notecard with all of the shape settings.  Fitting at the wrist and ankle will depend on shape settings. For Slink small hands/feet - torso and leg muscle slider setting of 50 will give you the best fit.  You will NOT have full use of the fitted mesh sliders using the Slink version because of the arm and leg limitations due to the attachment points.


My neck is not fitting correctly, how do I fix it?


With the updated version of the mesh body you should see a better fitting neck.  If you are finding that the neck is not appearing how you expect it to please be sure to check your WL settings.  Lighting reflects differently on the mesh body than it will on the SL default avatar.  We suggest using the CalWL setting and/or making sure your Sun, Moon & Projectors are selected in your graphic settings tab in your preferences.


Can I use use skin appliers from other creators?


Anyone may use our developer's kit to make skin appliers for our mesh body. In addition to having the ability to use appliers you will also be able to store your favorite skin appliers directly in the Belleza HUD to easily change between them. Developer Kit is available in our store for creators.


Can I use clothing appliers?


Our mesh body comes with 2 clothing layer options one for clothing and one for underwear.  Developer Kit is available in our store for creators.


Can I use tattoo layers?


In addition to the 2 clothing layers we do have a tattoo layer.  Developer Kit are available in our store for creators.


Do you have the Omega Applier System?


Yes you are able to use the Omega Applier system with the Belleza Body for clothing and tattoo layers.



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