Belleza Venus Mesh Body Update


Belleza is thrilled to introduce to you the brand new Belleza Mesh Bodies; Isis & Freya. Both of these body types will be included with your Belleza Venus Mesh Body purchases.

Belleza-Freya_Vendor  Belleza-Isis_Vendor

We have just begun the process of sending out the Belleza Venus Mesh Body Update. Please be patient as the updates are sent out, as it will take quite a while for everyone’s to be delivered. Alternatively, you can visit Belleza and click “Redelivery” on the info board to deliver the update as well.

Finally, we’d like to also mention a great new update we’ve added as a feature for the Belleza Mesh body – The Wardrobe HUD!  This great little add on (that comes included with your purchase!) Will allow you to keep a “wardrobe” full of your applier clothing and quickly view/apply them.  Here is what the HUD looks like:


In the previous post we mentioned the rest of the updates that can be found in your delivery, in case you missed them:

  • New Mesh Body Shape – Isis

  • New Mesh Body Shape – Freya

  • New skin texture

  • Skin color picker

  • Skin effects/materials

  • Many additional alpha cuts

  • Alpha save slots

  • Alpha Auto-Hide Option for Creators to add onto their clothing
  • New neck sizing with improved neck sheath

  • Additional breast option

  • Blend/mask mode for clothing appliers

  • Socks/gloves on all body layers

  • Clothing layer with alpha cuts

  • Texture refresh options

  • Hands/feet SL UVS

  • New nail shape

For the complete details and images of the newly updated HUD you can read about it HERE.

Visit Belleza In-World and purchase The Belleza Mesh Body Today!