Dear Belleza Family, Friends & Colleagues,

It was brought to our attention this afternoon that someone created a bot named TrickyBouche Resident.  They then used this bot to spam multiple sims and groups claiming to be Tricky, and asking people to join a FAKE group.

We would like to publicly apologize for any confusion this has caused.  Tricky doesn’t have any alt that remotely resembles his name, and would never spam anyone’s sim, or groups asking for people to join his group.   We have reported this incident to Linden Lab and hope to have it resolved ASAP.

If you should see anything similar to this instance again please please report the bot to Linden Lab immediately (and be sure to take care in spelling the name correctly).


The Belleza Team

**Edit:  There are additional bots now: faell11 resident, Karol Francois and meslax resident.  Again, NONE of them are associated with Belleza skins, so please disregard messages from them and AR them.

10 thoughts on “**IMPORTANT NOTICE**

  1. springmeadow says:

    This has been happening for months…. those people hijacking accounts, Lindens have to be aware of it. I”m guessing they can’t do anything about it though.

  2. RaMinah says:

    There is one error as for the recent edit on one of the bots names. It is faell11 resident, not aell11 resident.
    One idea is to create a notecard with relevant info as to group names/keys,scammers names, to any sim owner that you deal with regularly, and have them ban the group inviters directly.
    Doing the same for my home/store and hopefully it will work. I get on average 5-10 invites a day from a half dozen groups/people.
    I noted also, that karol Francois is in at least 2 fraudulent/scamming groups, that I know of.
    Also keep an eye on the group itself, they do have members visible, as they seem to be getting more people as they go, perhaps they are sharing a percentage of those they scam?
    Another thought I had, not sure if this will work, but possibly blocking the person who sent the invite, might possibly keep them from doing so in the future..? Will keep my fingers crossed at any rate. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. Anita61 says:

    You people have nothing to be sorry about, it’s terrible things like this happen over and over again! Please don’t let this get you down and keep up the wonderfull work. You make SL more beautifull!

  4. Bookie says:

    Mesllax (mesllax) has invited you to join a group.
    To join this group, you will have to pay a signup fee of L$500.
    -Belleza-Gift_VIP: -Belleza-Gift_VIP

    **Invitation Only**

    Bookie :
    karol Francois (karol.francois) has invited you to join a group.
    To join this group, you will have to pay a signup fee of L$500.
    -Belleza-Gift_VIP: -Belleza-Gift_VIP
    **Invitation Only**

    I tried to ban this one when I saw the name in your edit but, it said not found. aell11 resident was also not found. Might want to check your spellings.

    @Whimsy Winx
    Thank you for this.

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