Belleza Contest WINNER!!

Tricky Boucher and The Belleza staff are very excited to announce the winners of our photo contest!

This was the first ever Belleza contest, and we were thrilled with the overwhelming amount of participation.  It was a learning process, and we look forward to possibly having future contests, that will be even more successful.  Choosing the winner was not at all an easy task.  Our ultimate decision was based mainly on the fact that the winning image will be used for promotional pictures.

We had some really amazing submissions, and extremely talented artists participate, but of course there can only be one winner…

Grand Prize Winner (50,000L$ & Winning image displayed in store and on the Belleza Blog):

Strawberry Singh

2nd – 11th Place (5,000L$):

-Nathan Chaffe

-Daniels Olivieri

-Ozz Larsson

-Zoe Demar

-Brandi Monroe

-sweety Jodra

-Rayane Bruh

– Jarl Soderstrom

– Lulu Jameson

-Kaz Nayar

12th – 20th Place (1,000L$)

-Marc Gellner

-Nuuna Nitely

-Cherie Parker

– Rylan Carling

-M4rk3tt0 Bonetto

-Trinetty Skytower

-Elysium Eilde

-Fido Laval

*The order of the runners up is in no particular order

Congratulations to all of our winners!!

All of images are viewable on the Belleza Contest flickr, and now have all of the finalists names attached.


AND….Don’t forget, all of the images are of the brand new – soon to be released Shawn skin!

Thank you to everyone who participated,

Tricky Boucher