New Release: Chloe

The newest female skin – Chloe is now available in the Belleza main store.

Chloe comes in 7 skin tones and includes the hair bases on the tattoo layer.

Some of the skins will also feature 2 different brow options, where it was suitable. Be sure to try them demos!

We are thrilled that this release will have 32 makeups, you will be able to purchase it in 2 separate bundle options or as all 32 makeups together.

As in previous releases if you purchase a line or a bundle you will also receive the lipsticks on the tattoo layer.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

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Exclusive Jacob Skin – The Mens 24 Event

Belleza is participating in The Mens 24 event, which kicks off today and runs through the 27th.

Belleza’s booth at the event has an exclusive Jacob Skin that is now available.  There are only 100 skins available, and it will never be sold again:

Jacob Exclusive

We were happy to have been invited to participate and hope you enjoy our exclusive skin!

Visit The Mens 24

Belleza New Release – Ashton


The new male skin; Ashton, is now available in the Belleza mainstore.

This skin comes in 5 skin tones:
Pale, Medium, Sunkissed, Tan and Deep Tan

Ashton will be offered in 16 facial hair options, and will also include the chest hair and hair base options.

You can purchase them as individual skins, by the line and by the pack.

We hope you enjoy the new male skin, as well as the new Belleza build.  We are working hard to take all of your suggestions into consideration, and make your shopping experience with us as smooth as possible.

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New Release Aiko Available Now!


The new Asian female skin; Aiko, is now available in the Belleza main store, and at the skin and shape expo.

This skin comes in 4 skin tones:
Pale, Medium, Tan and Deep Tan

Aiko will be offered in 16 makeup options.

You can purchase them as individual skins, by the line and by the pack.  With your line and full package purchases, you will recieve the bonus lipsticks on the tattoo layer.

Visit the Belleza main store now

Belleza NEW Release – ERIKA


The new female skin – Erika is now available in the Belleza main store.

Some of the skin features:
– 20 different makeup options
– Skin tones: Fair, Pale, Medium, Sunkissed, Tan and Deep Tan
– Cleavage option
– Blonde hairbase option

Single skin (includes hb and cleavage options) – 1200L$
Line of 4 makeups (includes hb, cleavage & lipsticks on tattoo layers) – 2500L$
Complete Bundle (includes hb, clevage & lipsticks on the tattoo layers) – 7000L$

**From now through January 24th the bundle will be on sale at a special price of just 5000L$**

We hope you enjoy the new line, and some of the new features we are offering.

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Belleza Male Skins Available Now!

The all new Belleza Male Skins – Shawn & Owen are now available at the Belleza mainstore –

**Each single skin comes with the following options:
Bald, Hairbase, Chest Hair, and Eyeliner.  (total of 8 skins in each single pack)

**Sold in the following skin tones:
Pale, Medium, Sunkissed, Tan and Deep Tan

TP TO BELLEZA and try on the demos!

Belleza Contest WINNER!!

Tricky Boucher and The Belleza staff are very excited to announce the winners of our photo contest!

This was the first ever Belleza contest, and we were thrilled with the overwhelming amount of participation.  It was a learning process, and we look forward to possibly having future contests, that will be even more successful.  Choosing the winner was not at all an easy task.  Our ultimate decision was based mainly on the fact that the winning image will be used for promotional pictures.

We had some really amazing submissions, and extremely talented artists participate, but of course there can only be one winner…

Grand Prize Winner (50,000L$ & Winning image displayed in store and on the Belleza Blog):

Strawberry Singh

2nd – 11th Place (5,000L$):

-Nathan Chaffe

-Daniels Olivieri

-Ozz Larsson

-Zoe Demar

-Brandi Monroe

-sweety Jodra

-Rayane Bruh

– Jarl Soderstrom

– Lulu Jameson

-Kaz Nayar

12th – 20th Place (1,000L$)

-Marc Gellner

-Nuuna Nitely

-Cherie Parker

– Rylan Carling

-M4rk3tt0 Bonetto

-Trinetty Skytower

-Elysium Eilde

-Fido Laval

*The order of the runners up is in no particular order

Congratulations to all of our winners!!

All of images are viewable on the Belleza Contest flickr, and now have all of the finalists names attached.


AND….Don’t forget, all of the images are of the brand new – soon to be released Shawn skin!

Thank you to everyone who participated,

Tricky Boucher

Belleza Photo Contest Announcement

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Belleza Photo Contest.  We had an overwhelming amount of submissions!

It was very hard to narrow it down, but we did manage to select *20* finalists.  The finalists have all been notified at this point as to the next step in our contest, and we are looking forward to finding our grand prize winner!

If you have not been contacted about being a finalist at this time, then you haven’t been selected, but again we thank you for taking your time and participating in our contest.

Tricky Boucher & The Belleza Staff

Belleza Contest *Reminder*

Belleza Contest – 100,000L$ in PRIZES!

We are about to release our new men’s skin Shawn, and we are looking for a talented photographer to capture a shot of him.

  • Photographers have until Wednesday April 21st at Midnight SLT to submit an image, where the model is wearing a Belleza Male skin. All Belleza *MALE* skins including the GROUP GIFT can be used for the contest. Submit your entry for the contest via email to Felicity Blumenthal (
  • 10 finalists will be chosen, and then contacted on THURSDAY APRIL 22ND. At this time, they will be informed of the details to the second part of the contest.

The grand prize winner will receive 50,000L$ and have their image displayed in the Belleza main store, as well as on our blog.


  • Entries must be e-mailed as an attachment to with the Subject: Belleza Contest. **Be sure to include your Second Life user name.**
  • Model MUST be wearing a Belleza skin, group gift skins are acceptable.
  • Image must be a *MEN’S CLOSE UP PORTRAIT*
  • Image size must be 1024 x 1024
  • Upon submitting an image to this contest you agree that Belleza has the right to reproduce, edit and use your image at their discretion.
  • All submissions must be received by MIDNIGHT (SLT) WEDNESDAY APRIL 21ST

**Any questions regarding the contest MUST be directed to Felicity Blumenthal. If you contact Tricky Boucher regarding this contest, your submissions will automatically be disqualified, no exceptions.**


Grand Prize – 50,000L$

2nd – 10th Place Prizes – 5,000L$

11th – 15th Place Prizes – 1,000L$

Tricky Boucher and the Belleza team wish everyone entering the contest the best of luck!