Belleza Mesh Bodies Update 07.31.16

We first want to thank you for your amazing support as we updated the mesh bodies. It took so much longer than we anticipated but we do hope you will be pleased with the results.

We truly appreciate all of the customer and creator feedback and have worked tirelessly to update and fix numerous items. We appreciate your patience while we were focusing on this and we genuinely wanted to ensure that YOU, our valued customer would have a product of our highest quality.

We were able to give out developer kits to our core creators for testing a short time ago, and have had great feedback about the updates.  We’re eager to open our developer kit applications again and get the kits out to everyone who has been awaiting working with us.  We anticipate the applications being online shortly, keep an eye on our blog for updates when the link will be available.

Please check out these videos from our Belleza Skins YouTube Page that cover all of the updates and changes (or see below for a list of updates).

*Please Note: We have just begun the process of sending out the Belleza Venus Mesh Body Update. Please be patient as the updates are sent out, as it will take quite a while for everyone’s to be delivered. Alternatively, you can visit Belleza and click “Redelivery” on the info board to deliver the update as well.

The release includes many new features, updates and fixes:

  • Updated ALL Three Fitted Mesh Bodies (Venus, Isis, Freya)
  • NEW Light Body Version (Venus, Isis, Freya)
  • Still Compatible with Old Mesh Clothing
  • Fixes to Venus Waist and Arms
  • Updated Rigging


  • Brand New Universal HUD System
  • Allows Future Add-Ons
  • Many New Features


  • Improved Skin Tinting System
  • NEW Color Tinting Save Slots
  • Now Individually Tint Neck, Nipples, Body or All Three Simulaneously


  • Easier Alpha Selection
  • NEW 360 Model Rotation
  • More Quick Alpha Section Picks
  • Now 9 Alpha Save Slots


  • Improved Materials
  • NEW Color Tinting Save Slots


  • Updated Neck Fit
  • Updated Neck Sheath


  • Full Material Support for All Layers
  • NEW Color Tinting Available for Layers
  • NEW Color Tinting Save Slots


  • Now Save Individual Layers to Universal HUD


  • Now Save Full Outfits to Universal HUD


  • Kill Script Option for Mesh Body
  • Updated Lingerie Fit (Venus, Isis, Freya)
  • Updated Shoe Fit (Venus, Isis, Freya)


  • Fixed Auto-Hide System
  • Full Material Support for Skins and Clothing Layer Appliers