Belleza Mesh Creator Application & Agreement – NOW OPEN!

Developer Kit Applications

As promised since our update to the Venus, Isis and Freya bodies are now complete and our developer kits have been updated we will now reopen our applications to apply to be a Belleza Mesh Creator.

We’re thrilled to open this application and based on the feedback we have had from our small testing group we think you will find our kits very easy to work with.
A few things to mention, please read all of the below before applying or inquiring about your application:
  • Any previous applications are not applicable.  As we’ve updated the body and the kits have changed we are asking anyone who would like to work with our files to please reapply.
  • Please allow for 2 weeks from the time of your application submission for us to review and get back to you about your application.
  • As we anticipate there will be many creators applying we will not be able to respond to everyone.  We will both email and leave you a message in Second Life if your application has been approved (again, within 2 weeks time of your submission).
  • You must be an active creator in Second Life and fill out your form completely, any incomplete forms will be ignored.
  • Belleza reserves the right to approve or deny any application based on our discretion.
  • All applications will be reviewed by Felicity Blumenthal, please do not contact Tricky Boucher regarding your application.
If you would now like to apply to work with the Belleza Mesh Creator Kit please follow the link: Belleza Mesh Creator Application & Agreement

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