Belleza New Release – Elle

Belleza’s newest skin – Elle is now available at the ALL NEW Belleza main store.  We hope you find the rebuild lower lag, and easier to navigate.

The new Elle skins are being sold with more options then any of our previous releases.  We are very excited to offer 2 all new skin tones as well as 3 different eyebrows colors!

Elle Blond Brows - Fair, Pale, Medium, Sun Kissed, and Tan Skin Tones

Elle Brown Brows - Fair, Pale, Medium, Sun Kissed, Tan and Deep Tan Skin Tones

Elle Dark Brows - Fair, Pale , Medium, Sun Kissed, Tan, Deep Tan, and Mocha Skin Tones

We didn’t forget about you either guys, there will be a new male skin coming shortly!  =)

7 thoughts on “Belleza New Release – Elle

  1. Catalina Luckstone says:

    I never used to like the Belleza female skins, but I have recently bought the Elle deep tan as I like it so much!

    One request though… Would be lovely to have a page on here listing the RGB values for each skin and tone… saves a lot of hassle with the barefoot shoes!

    Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Silver Ohmai says:

    Completely love this skin using Elle Mocha it has been hard for me to find a skin that would suit my unique shape and this is wonderful thank you ever so much… I hope there is more coming out like thise in the future!

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