LUSH Appliers Available Now!

We’ve now released our LUSH appliers in addition to the recent Lolas Tango applier release:

Each Skin tone is sold separately and includes 3 nipple options.
Lush breast appliers are compatible with the Lily, Betty, Shyla and Ava skins.

You can also now find ALL of the appliers listed at the Belleza store on marketplace: HERE


New Release Shyla and Betty

Happy Monday from Belleza!

We’ve got new releases available in store!

Shyla comes in 6 skin tones ranging from Pale to Mocha and will include the blond and red brow options on the tattoo layer, where appropriate. The hairbase will also be included on tattoo layer as well as Cleavage included with purchase on tattoo and undershirt layer.

There are 16 different makeup options available with this release, and as in previous releases if you purchase a line or a bundle you will also receive the lipsticks on the tattoo layer which are a blend of the Betty and Shyla lips.

In addition to Shyla we also now have our previously released Betty skin now available in the Belleza store.  So if you haven’t picked her up from Vintage Fair, now you can get her at the mainstore!

Lipsticks will also be sold separately, if you would like to purchase them on their own.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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